[Breaking news - great accomplishment! 】 Girls' Generation awarded YouTube, video of the year! Report on the secret to success!

Breaking news – Awarded YouTube’s video of the year!

YouTube 1st Music Award was held in New York (4 am: Japan time) on Nov.3rd. and female idol group “Girls’ Generation” in Korea got music video of the year award on their video of single titled “I Got A BOY”.
The whole world were excited about this, pushing away the big name like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Tiffany screamed!

A member of the group, Tiffany said “I can not believe this. YouTube is a good friend and a friend of everyone. I never thought we will receive this award. Representing Girls’ Generation, I want to thank all the fans.” in English followed by “I love SO ONE (the name of the fan club) It’s the era of Girls’ Generation.” in Korean.


PSY defeated

PSY was a candidate for YouTube Trend Award for “Gangnam Style” but didn’t get the award. Girls’ Generation is the top runner in the South Korea!

A week before the award, on Oct 27th, there was Tokyo Dome live!

On Oct 27th, 10 groups, total 46 Koreans who belong to SM Entertainment including BoA (26), TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR and Girls’ Generation finished their last show at Tokyo Dome, ending “SMTOWN” tour, visitng 8 countries.


Wish I could go!

Charm of Girls’ Generation

Quotes from the recent posts which wrote about their charm on the comment on YouTube for “I GOT A BOY” music video: “They don’t rap to sex and drugs like American artists.”,”since 2007, they had no member changes in spite of 9 girls! – in addition to comments like these, there were many voices which praised their beauty. They are beautiful. Members are firmly united. No scandals.These maybe the secret of their success.

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