Solve your problem with music, the site “” launched!

Solve your problem with music, the site “” launched!

There must be some of you who experienced wetting the pillow with tears when you got broken-hearted and listened to heart-break song.
The music have a power which reaches directly to your heart.
But finding the music which directly represent the feeling is difficult sometimes.
In such occasion, I want to recommend you about this service .

” オンガクスリ”
This service was launched by Omoshiro houjin Kayac (Kayac Inc) in October this year. ”Considering that music is medicine, this service is to introduce music only in response to the posts from troubled individual. Various user will introduce YouTube link which they think the music have effect for the troubled. By telling what kind of trouble you have, you can find music which you never came across before, beyond genre, age, or ranking.” (Source: Kayac Inc)

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Quotes from the recent posts from users:
“Today, senior coworker who loves beer quit the job. As a gift, I want to introduce him a song which match while drinking beer. Please tell me what song would be good.”
“I am hungry!”
A wide variety of posts are there.

It is my secret pleasure to see what kind of post there are, every day.

Currently, smartphone app is now on the process and it will be released soon!
Visit the site and how about confessing your trouble there?

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