Bashing commentary flowed after Yuko Oshima announced graduating from AKB48 during NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen



After AKB48 sang “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”, suddently…


On December 31, after AKB48 sang “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” in NHK’s Kohaku (Red and White Song battle) TV program, Yuko Oshima announced her graduation from AKB48 all the sudden. “I’d like to make an announcement taking this opportunity. I, Yuko Oshima will graduate from AKB48″, she said. “This will be my last appearance as AKB48 in this Kohaku program. I would like to sing with my gratitude. Please continue to support AKB48 in the following 2014 also.”

Reaction from netizens


Net residents showed reactions on internet, such as in Yahoo comments.

There were criticism floated in the commentary such as: “Do not involve Kohaku”, “Do not talk about personal stuff in Kohaku.”
The interaction Yuko Oshima did with the member of Arashi in regard to this announcement also caused criticism from Arashi fans. Also Saburo Kitajima announced retirement during the program so it also caused a big fuss. Maybe AKB dropped their popularity?

Commentary from Twitter:

About graduation announcement of Yuko Oshima, she probably do not need to do it during Kohaku. It should be announced in their own concert. I felt disgusted.
yagibunnko at: 2013.12.31 22:54

I don’t hate Yuko Oshima, but if she says in Kohaku in front of public view, didn’t she think how they feel? Didn’t she think that AKB fans would want her to say it at AKB concert instead? If she wants to raise general awareness on her graduation, I bet media will do it anyway.
ReSkill at: 2013.12.31 22:53

I wonder if Yuko Oshima’s graduation was needed to be announced during Kohaku? I understand if it was announced at general election or live concert. And also, the members who just heard the announcement would feel complicated to sing right after.
mms0902 at: 2013.12.31 22:52

Is there need for Yuko Oshima to do graduation announcement during Kohaku? Is it to make red team win? wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why during Kohaku wwwwwwwww
__small_k__ at: 2013.12.31 22:54

So Yuko Oshima is graduating?? But why during Kohaku?? She doesn’t need to do announcement during Kohaku? www
5110mizuki at: 2013.12.31 22:55

Yuko Oshima is beaten for saying the graduation during Kohaku, but I wanted to hear the announcement in front of AKB fans, as a former AKB geek myself. Let alone she is the center, Yuko Oshima and it’s her graduation.
cp6xmmmcz at: 2013.12.31 22:55

I don’t care about Yuko Oshima’s graduation so I just want to say don’t privatize Kohaku… .Not everyone is her fan… Since there are other members still remaining on stage, she should think about the impact on members. This is just a jealousy though!
momon5 at: 2013.12.31 22:55

I liked Yuko Oshima, but she didn’t need to say it during Kohaku. I really think so . It’s not the only stage for AKB. There are other people who sing after AKB. She just needed to consider that. However I feel loneliness about Yuko Oshima’s graduation.
tomotim2455 at: 2013.12.31 22:55

It’s not about Yuko Oshima, she should announce graduation at AKB live but why she announced it during Kohaku all the sudden so that is considered as a problem.
b_booon51 at: 2013.12.31 22:56

Well well well, there are various opinions such why she announced during Kohaku. But it’s Yuko. Everybody knows her. She can say it at the big stage.
tamano3b at: 2013.12.31 22:53

I like Yuko Oshima but graduation announcement during Kohaku??? That’s wrong??? I first thought Kohaku is fun but I feel something is different.
shima0704 at: 2013.12.31 22:57

Yuko Oshima… I wonder if there was need to say duirng Kohaku? LOL I feel bad for AKB48 fans but AKB48 might end?
shibazuke0103 at: 2013.12.31 22:58

Retirement from AKB of Yuko Oshima. Why announcing her personal thing using the radio waves across the country, yet it’s Kohaku!? She got too much self-consciousness. Only geeks care about the announcement. Who cares.
tsubu_yaitter at: 2013.12.31 22:58

What!? Yuko Oshima graduate?? (¯ □ ¯ ;) !! She became my favorite after spec (‘· ω · `) but why announcing during the at happy event like Kohaku?
raika1326 at: 2013.12.31 22:58

So Yuko Oshima is graduating. It’s ok to graduate but why announcing it during Kohaku? It’s not their theater or their only live shows?
aaaaask_39 at: 2013.12.31 22:58

I don’t care about Yuko Oshima’s graduation from AKB, but such announcement don’t need to be in Kohaku if possible _| ̄|○ I wanted it to be announced during their live (≧ ∇ ≦)
ArmeStark at: 2013.12.31 22:59

Graduation declaration is something you do in the unsettling situation like Kohaku? Though it is a big deal for the fans. It’s rude to the fans, and it’s rude to Kohaku viewers who are enjoying the program. Kohaku is not a place to do whatever she want or do selfishness? I feel sorry for Yuko Oshima fans…
yeahhh0506 at: 2013.12.31 23:01

That’s discouraging during song battle. Maybe it is rude for Red team and White too. Yuko Oshima was working hard in the middle all the time ……so not in front of people who do not know much about her just like I am, I wanted her to announce surrounded by her warm fans instead.
popo_ponry at: 2013.12.31 23:01

I don’t understand why Yuko Oshima is bashed LOL, Cheers for her good work (‘▽ `) , best wishes on her actress carreer ^ _ ^
RyouBut at: 2013.12.31 23:04

I like AKB and Yuko Oshima, but graduation announcement but I wanted her to announce in their own event. I know that it is not entirely up to her decision. I thought she can’t quit easily because she is main member of AKB, but congrats graduation! I am rooting for her further success! # AKB
dadadaminmindad at: 2013.12.31 23:05

Yuko Oshima’s AKB48 graduation announcement. Why here? I think it was better to be done in their own event gathered by many fans? Even it is sad for fans who supported for long years, they probably wanted to be at the place to support her?
miyaism at: 2013.12.31 23:05

It’s not just AKB fans who are watching Kohaku. I don’t care whether she graduate or not, but did she need to announce at the NHK? She should have announced in front of full of fans. She would be bashed if she is treated as a main act. Why bother increasing anti-Oshima?
Km_gg at: 2013.12.31 23:06

Is there a need to put something private like Yuko Oshima’s graduation from AKB on the public airwaves? Isn’t this broadcasting law violation?
toshipeso at: 2013.12.31 23:07

Why Yuko Oshima’s graduation is announced during Kohaku? (^ o ^) She should think about her situation. www the announcement of sub-chan’s retirement is fading away…
aoichilnp at: 2013.12.31 23:08

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