Where does Japanese go in Akihabara?

Where does Japanese go in Akihabara?

Introducing where Japanese people actually go, not on the tourist map!

Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara Store


Speaking of gigantic electronics store in Akihabara, it must be Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara (Akiyodo for short abbreviation).
It’s the electrical shop which has the largest number of varieties of assortments in Japan. What a huge space! The floor space of six stories building is like combining several gymnasium together! It is also a leading electronics store in the world.

Super Potato

As you exit the main street of `Denkigaiguchi` of Akihabara Station, you will see the core of Akihabara such as maid cafe, small electronic stores, bookstore and hobby shops. Super Potato is a shop that specializes in retro games in the 80′s and 90′s. Store has the nostalgic atmosphere, you can also play games there!

Jisui no Mori

In a little walking distance, there is a shop called ‘Jisui no Mori’. (http://www.jisuinomori.com/) Bring your book, cut the book, scan it in PDF and take it back home. If you dispose the book there, it will be added to store’s collection (It will be stock of ‘Jisui’(meaning ‘self catering’). The number of their stocks is in huge amount!


MOGRA is a club, mixed with Akihabara and Club culture. It is the state-of-the-art club filled with people every night, combining anime songs and the latest electronic music. It is also known as the gateway to success as track maker, DJ.

Gundam Cafe

It is a cafe that imitates the world of anime ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’. There are neat menus such as ‘Mono-Eye Dog’,'Char Zaku Curry’ and ‘Garlic toast of the battlefield’ The biggest reason I go to this shop is, because it’s very close to the station. Only 30 seconds walk from the station to be there!

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介