Talent agency “uuum” launched by YouTube users in Japan!

Famous YouTubers like HIKAKIN, Jet ☆ Daisuke and Hiroshi Seto seem to have launched talent agency called “uuum”! It’s YouTubers that I pay attention to, so you must check it out!
uuum http://www.uuum.jp/

“ON SALE TV” operated by the same time

Youtubers who belong to uuum, also launched “ON SALE TV” – the service which focused on introducing the review of products in video. If you can see the product detail in video, you may just want to buy it. The site is cool!
ON SALE TV :http://on-sale.tv/

How do they operate?

There are famous people in the management, so I am looking forward to seeing how uuum is going to manage and operate in the future. Such as it may manage some Events. It is a new trend that is not in TV.

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介