Japanese mayonnaise surprises the world!

Thank God that I was born in Japan!

I am very thankful that I was born and raised in Japan because I could have enjoyed the world’s best mayonnaise here. I don’t think I am the only one having this way of thinking. Any Japanese lived abroad knows the gentle sweetness, favorable salinity, rich flavor and creamy melting touch are perceptions we can enjoy with Japanese mayonnaise only.

What I bring to an uninhabited island on condition that I can bring only one thing

People call me “Mr. Mayonnaise” as I use it for anything like “Takoyaki”, “Sushi”, “Natto” and “Tofu”, pouring it to the maximum amount. “Wasabi-mayo” containing wasabi inside mayonnaise is a treasure in Japan. My answer is definitely “Mayonnaise” if I’m requested to choose only one thing (out of many) to bring to an uninhabited island. I believe that something is wrong with people who answers differently from mine.

I don’t care the reason for deliciousness of foods as long as they are delicious.

Japanese mayonnaise is popular among people abroad as well. There are various views about the secret of its good taste. Some people say the secret is in “not using glair”, others say “containing mild rice vinegar” or “the shape of the container” is the secret. I don’t mind which is right. To me the only important thing is just “delicious or not”.

Reaction of a person from the US

In Japan we have a restaurant, where mayonnaise is used for all the dishes to be served. Please see the reaction by an American below. Thank God I was born in Japan!

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介