My favorite Disney Movie – Special 13 selection which I want to see over and over again

No disappointment in Disney Movies

I watched all the Disney movies but they are all wonderful and entertaining. I would like to introduce my favorite movies here.

①Sugar Rush (English title: Wreck-It Ralph)

Villain game character Ralph, who desired to stop being a villain character, wandered into the world of exciting race game “Sugar Rush”, which is filled with sweets. There, he met a girl named Vanellope. Ralph, who wants to have victory race coin made a deal with Vanellope, who generates bug in the game but he cooperated with her to be in the race. However, nobody could expect that it would lead to the situation to face the incident which would change the whole world of game… It’s a comedy story of a girl, Vanellope with cute expression and a clumsy villain, Ralph. Fun part of the story is the game characters socializing with the different game characters naturally. I would like to recommend this story to girls who like fashion and cute stuffs.

②Alice in Wonderland

It is a story of a girl who was dragged into parallel world. Hurray for the normal day! You will see Queen of Heart, mad hatter, twins who are always fighting and various other characters in the screen. The main character, Alice get involved in various incidents and the story goes on fast.【Reference】Alice in Wonderland (live action version) is directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp. It’s the strongest combination.
Actress, Helena Bonham Carter who played Bellatrix in Harry Potter movie is playing the role of ‘Queen of Heart’. The live action version is also highly recommended.
While you are at Tokyo Disneyland, it is said that you will be lucky if you meet the white Rabbit who’s always running around. Try to find the rabbit!
You can see the perfect realization of the world of Alice at a cafe in Shinjuku called “Maho no kuni no Alice” and a cafe in Ginza called “Meikyu no kuni no Alice”. Those are the cafes you would be excited to go and see. It’s decorated in detail. Please visit those cafes.

③Tangled (Rapunzel)

Rapunzel who has magic long hair spent 18 years in the tower and never has gone outside the tower. The only enjoyment for Rapunzel is to see the mysterious light that flow far away in the sky on her every birthday. Rapunzel, who began to think it must be something related to herself, couldn’t help her curiosity to find out. With thief Flynn, she went to find out what the light is. Excellent scene is even she was delighted to go outside, she felt guilty to break promise with mother at the same time. Voice actor who played Rapunzel, Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) is the right fit and her singing voice really matched. Towards the ending, there is a scene of floating lantern in the sky. It looks like illusion and very beautiful. You must see the cheerful, tomboyish and reliable Rapunzel and Flynn, the suspicious looking guy who will change by Rapunzel in the screen. [Reference] You can see the event of floating lanterns in the sky at Poznan, Poland every year. It is the real, actual Event.


The Superhero Mr.Incredible (Bob Parr) had been no.1 hero in the world during the days when heroes were actively working as heroes. However, he faced trouble after he saved a man who wanted to commit suicide, because the man sued him for unwanted act. From the incident, he was accused of expensive damage compensation such as breaking building and train to save lives and eventually, he was forced to retire. Since his retirement, he kept his past secret, married Helen (another heroin who has super ability) with whom they got 3 kids together and they were spending normal daily life. However Bob was bored of such daily life so he secretly went out at nights to save lives. One day, he was asked to come back as a hero. Bob was delighted to work as a hero but kept this secret from his family. However, there was a plot behind this come back which he never thought of…
The whole family worked together utilizing their special ability which they had hid for long time. It is a wonderful movie which you can be reminded of the bonding of the family. [Reference] Mr. Incredible is highly recommended to families who have boys. For Halloween Event, it would be fun wearing the special Mr.Incredible suit together with your family!


Mulan go to war disguised as a man instead of her father who is not in good health. She overcome various difficulties with her wit and plan, the team became to have bonding. However, when Mulan got injured, it became apparent that she is a woman and their bonding got cracked. Under such situation, Mulan witnessed the enemy entering Imperial city and she tried her best to protect Emperor….

Toy Story 3>

The owner of the toys, Andy had grown up and was going to move out to college. While he was packing, the bag which had Buzz Lightyear and others was mistakenly trashed by his mother and the toys escaped from the bag being trashed and climbed into Donation box to nursery, Sunnyside Daycare. Buzz Lightyear tried to negotiate with the boss of the toys that it is tough to deal with toddlers who handle toys violently so they want to be replaced to older children’s room but he doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, Woody, who was the only one to be taken with Andy, became worried about the other toys and he went to this hell nursery by himself. However, the stuffed pink colored bear who smelled like strawberry, decided to dump every toy. Story changes drastically and I couldn’t miss every moment. There are many charming characters such as chatter telephone who warned Woody, good job by Little Green Men. It’s a must see.

⑦Little Mermaid

Story of a mermaid princess who yearned to be a human. Ariel collected various artifacts which humans dropped in the sea such as porcelain plate in her cave. The evil sea witch Ursula, who found about Ariel’s wish, tempted her and took away her voice. However, Ariel was very delighted to be a human even though she lost her voice. She had interaction with the prince who helped Ariel when she was laying on the beach. Meanwhile, Ursula plan to end Ariel’s life. In order to stop it, Ariel’s father, King Triton had to give Trident, which is the proof as a ruler of Atlantica, to Ursula. The witch Ursula who gained the trident, became very violent and…the story goes on… [Reference] If you go to Disney Sea in Chiba Japan, Mermaid Lagoon is the place where you would like to stay for a long time. It’s like a sea dragon castle. The famous musical “Under The Sea” will stop the play temporarily after April 6th 2014 so you should see it before then. The Little mermaid shop inside the mouth of Whale is very cute. Also, you might enjoy swimming around the world of Ariel inside Kingdom Hearts. You should try.

⑧Monsters, Inc

The energy source in the Monsters world is the screams of children in the human world. However, the Monsters world have rules that the children are toxic and should not touch. One day, Randall used the door without approval in order to beat the top Scarer Sulley & Mike, the girl named Boo in the room wandered into the Monsters World. Sully & Mike who found Boo tried to bring her back to the human’s world but eventually it was revealed and in order to hide the fact, Sully & Mike were sent to the very cold Himalayas. However Sully who was worried of Boo tried to go back to Monsters Inc to save Boo……. [Reference] DVD rental for Monsters University started. Sully was snobbish and mean guy since he was the privileged new comer in the beginning but he changed after spending time with Mike who is diligent and has very good character. They try to be No.1 in the Scare Games by cooperating with fun members, but none of them are scary! The climax of the story is when the miracle happened by Sully and Mike tagging together as the best partner. Go rental the movie now!!


Carl and Ellie both admired explorer Muntz, they got married and were together for many years, went to many places together. Ellie’s wish was to live in a house on the cliff overlooking Paradise Falls. However Ellie became ill and died. In order to fulfill Ellie’s dream, Carl went on adventure trip with Russell who happened to be at the place for Boy-scout work.


One day young man Alladin who is poor but have pure heart met Jasmin, princess who escaped from the palace and they became friends. With advice from the elder man, Alladin gained the magic lamp. He asked Genie, to turn him to Prince and he wanted to show good things to Jasmin but… The scene of battle with evil Jafer and singing while flying over the desert city by flying carpet are spectacular.Check out various things Genie did! [Reference] There are many jigsaw puzzle from Disney but Alladin puzzle could be the most difficult one. I challenged myself to complete 2000 pieces of colored puzzle (dessert part) but it took 2 years for myself to complete. I felt the sense of accomplishment. You can display the puzzle forever so why don’t you challenge yourself to complete the puzzle and fill your room with the world of Disney?

⑪The Lion King

It is a story of Simba, son of King lion Musafa. Plotted by Musafa’s brother Scar, Simba had to take responsibility of his father’s death and had to run away from Savanna. After Scar taking over King’s position, Savanna become wasteland. Meanwhile, Simba was enjoying living together with Timon and Pumbaa. However after meeting with childhood friend lioness, he found that Savanna is now wasteland, he decided to go back to Savanna to help with Timon and Pumbaa. And so the fierce battle began. [Reference] Speaking of Lion King, it reminds me of the musical by Shiki Theater company. It is really exciting to see every time. It was my first time that I got goose bump watching the theater play.

⑫Beauty and the Beast

The story questions what is the real love through the prettiest girl in town, Belle and selfish prince who was turned to ugly Beast. One day, the ugly elder woman knocked the door of castle and asked to let her stay for one night’s shelter in exchange to a rose. However the prince declined. Then the elder woman turned to a beautiful enchantress and put spell on the whole castle – heartless prince including the servants who spoiled the prince. If the prince can’t find a true love before the last petal of rose drops, he will remain as beast forever. Belle went to look for her father in the forest, who hadn’t returned. When she was almost attacked by wolves, the Beast miraculously rescued her and they began to have feelings for each other. The Beast who thought he can’t keep Belle in the castle decide to let her go. Meanwhile, arrogant and selfish Gaston wanted to marry and have wedding ceremony with Belle. When Belle showed the magic enchanted mirror which shows the truth, Gaston see the Beast in the mirror. Gaston who thought Belle is being fooled by the Beast, went to kill the Beast. Before the drop of last petal of rose, can the Beast find the true love? How it’s going to be!?


Woodworker Geppetto made wooden marionette and named him Pinocchio. In order to grant Geppetto’s wish to have a real boy, Blue Fairy gave life to Pinocchio. Blue Fairy promised that if Pinocchio can have brave, truthful and unselfish with conscience, she will make him a real boy of flesh and blood. Pinocchio went to school and Jiminy Cricket taught him what conscience is but somehow, he was put into puppet show by an evil puppet merchant. After Pinnochio escaped from the capture, he was fooled by the fox and the cat. While he was misbehaving, he became half donkey. Meanwhile, Geppetto went to look for Pinocchio and was swallowed by Whale. Later on, Pinocchio reunited Geppetto inside the Whale. So, can Pinocchio be the real human child?

At last

I can confidently recommend all of these Disney movies so please watch them. I would be delighted if any of these movies make you feel positiveness.

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