Rumor says the real character of Rena Nounen is something…!


Rena Nounen known as “Amachan” appeared in Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Song Battle) recently. Year 2013 was the year for “Amachan” and Naoki Hanzawa”. (These TV shows gained big popularity in 2013)
Rena Nounen run up the stairs to stardom as national popular actress all at once. However, the real nature of Rena Nounen is debated in various fields.

All natural?


After her appearance in “Amachan”, her appearance in talk show seem to be “tennen” (natural) basically. Although she may not be so “tennen” compared to Haruka Ayase who stumbled lines at Kohaku.

Yankee-style, cool character (She is making up her character in drama)

There is a story that Rena is more like yankee and cool type instead of being like “tennen” (natural). She looks like she has “tennen” character, but in reality, there is a theory which says, she is making it up.

The evidence which shows she might be more like yankee and cool type



The theory which says she is more like yankee type instead of “tennnen” is based from the photos while she was modeling as a magazine reader in Nicola. Certainly, she looks like she was more enjoying it there.

Her character changed?


There are many cases that children with quiet personality change to unhesitating personality when they grow up. Perhaps Rena Nonen is the opposite to this tendency, originally she got unhesitating personality but when she get older, her personality changed to natural and,quietly. I wish people who are around her for a long time become a witness …

Good as actress

If her true nature is “tennen”, that is okay. But if she has more unhesitating character but is under the disguise of being “tennen”, is it really matter?
Some people point out that is a problem. I do not think so.
If she has ability to play variety of characters, I think it is a beginning to explore her talent as an actress.

Deep sea fish

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