‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ released

On sale today!

The newest series of Pocket Monster, ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ released today at last!

I, Endo, as a writer, made reservation and went to pick it up today!


This series is different from previous Pokemon, there are many new elements in there, which makes it attractive.

・The adventure take place in the ‘Kalos Region’. The main character is the boy (or a girl) who moved to ‘Asame Town’, a part of Kalos Region.

The main character start the adventure from Asame Town. According to the rumor, France is the model for Kalos Region.

・18th Pokemon type, FAIRY

The element you can’t lack in Pokemon is the ‘Type’
With its ‘type’, attacking power differs by the type of Pokemon when battling. (like ‘Fire’ type is stronger than ‘Water’ type)

Since 1999 when Pokemon Gold and Silver were released, 17 types ‘Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel’ which were maintained for 14 years, is now newly joined by the 18th Pokemon Type, Fairy.

This Fairy type is very precious, it is super effective on Dragon type, and Dragon attack is not effective to Fairy.In the previous Dragon type, it was only weak to Ice or same Dragon type so the new appearance of Fairy is a new enemy to Dragon type.

・New evolution… MEGA EVOLUTION!

The most outstanding part in this Pokemon is the special evolution called ‘MEGA EVOLUTION’ that happens during battle.
With this Mega Evolution, I can assure that it will be more enjoyable to play battle.

Lizardon evolved by Mega Evolution, ‘Mega Lizardon’.

・New ways to Battle ‘Horde Encounters’ and ‘Sky Battles’

Now, new ways are added to battle. One pokemon can battle with multiple Pokemon called ‘Horde Encounters’ and to battle between Flying type Pokemon, there is ‘Sky Battles’.

Main character encountering multiple Axew (in Japanese, Kibago)

It looks like there are more elements added!!

Connect to Wifi and let’s do Pokemon network!

When walking through the field, you see wifi display on the bottom all the time.
With wifi, it makes it attractive that you can battle with various Pokemon and you can also exchange Pokemon.

One of the system implemented here is called ‘PSS (play search system)’, now it makes it possible to play against players around the world.
The another system is called ’GTS (Global trade station)’, you can replace the Pokemon with the players around the world, or exchange to Pokemon which you have never met before.

Wi-fi display can be seen on the bottom part all the time.

In addition, it is now possible with this Pokemon to send or receive messages with friends!
Unlike previous Pokemon series, fun using network increased.
Maybe we will see couples who met through Pokemon!?

Pikachu cries “Pikachu”

Game series of Pikachu (except Pikachu version), we were familiar with Pikachu’s voice that sounded like “Va!”

1.03 min where you hear Pikachu’s voice

This time, Pikachu makes sound as “Pikachu”!

I am now making Pikachu cry as “Pikachu”
Hope you can tell by seeing this display.

The other thing I played and felt was that time to save (writing report) became very short time.
It may not be only me who experienced which is faster, to save (writing report) or power out.
There are various detailed improvement in this software, no wonder it got high score on Famitsu.

Playing as Player Endo
Let’s get Pokemon together!
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