Freelance really has freedom? Logic of life-style of “free” [survival strategy]


People say, era of freelance has come! Order through crowd sourcing!
However, I would like to write about something not many people have said.

Freelance is exposed to competition

The stories of “freelance success story” is the so-called “logic of the strong.” The strong person can grasp the opportunity more stronger because it already has network and have ability to survive when being exposed in competition. Therefore for the strong person, freedom really means freedom.

The weak will disappear

On the other hand, the most negative area about freelancer which is not being talked about is, the weak ones will disappear.Freelance means you are like an entrepreneur.Then, what shall we do?

If you are going to be “freelance”, you have to be the strong one…!

As a conclusion, if you are going to be “free lance”, there is no choice but to become the strong one…!
In another word, if you go freelance, only the strong will be welcomed in the competitive society. Let’s think positively.

Deep sea fish

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