Victory of Rakuten’s baseball team led to inadequate price discount – Rakuten’s president,Mr. Miktani apologized.

Rakuten’s victory sale, “no tangible” discount

Rakuten victory sale was on hot topic with “discount 77% – the jersey number of Senichi Hoshino, the manager of Rakuten’s baseball team” – but in fact, it was not tangible at all, it only increased the actual price drastically to do the sale.
There was nothing to buy so mandarin became first place in best seller ranking.

President Mikitani apologized officially.

Mr.Mikitani, the president of Rakuten apologized officially at last in regard to this problem.

On 11th night, Koji Mikitani, the president of Rakuten held a press conference in relate to the inadequate pricing of the Victory Sale of Rakuten Ichiba and officially apologized, “I would like to apologize to consumers and excellent stores in Rakuten Ichiba, for all the inconvenience caused. I am deeply sorry.”「楽天優勝セール「不適切表示」 三木谷社長「ルールが甘かった」」

Many critical posts on blogs

Something like this won’t happen

“You see, Victory sale is to thank fans for their day-to-day support and cheering the team. It’s not an opportunity to make money. Rakuten itself should invest 1 billion yen to purchase products from their stores or fill 10% of sales as point. There are various ways to do the sales.”

Source: Rakuten Victory sale lost CS again

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