Revolution on Gyudon (beef bowl)!!

Loved by people for more than 100 years


Beef bowl is loved by people in various generations, from young students, office workers to elderly people. It is loved by all ages and is a representative of national dish. It’s origin started from the Meiji era. It was nicknamed as “Gyunabe bukkake” and ” Kamechabu”, there used to be many Gyudon food stalls lined up in Asakusa and Ueno area. Beef bowl is a food which has a history of more than 100 years. It is cheap and delicious so it makes you stop by, but when you are eating it on a daily basis, you get bored. To respond to such opinion, I would like to propose good variations which was taught by beef bowl expert.

7 ways to eat beef bowl


There are many people who will top red pickled ginger, red chilli pepper and egg to give different flavors while tasting beef bowl. In addition to these flavors, I would like you to try salad dressing and pepper. Salad dressing differs by beef bowl chain stores, but salad dressing matches more than you think. It gives you a refreshing taste. Official twitter of Sukiya introduced that the best flavor to add on beef bowl is to put some french dressing. If you want to put pepper, I recommend you to put it little by little. It will spice up the sweet taste of beef bowl. When you got bored of the sweet taste, put the pepper. It matches with red pickled ginger. I used to put red pickled ginger and red chili pepper but now I am craving about putting salad dressing and pepper.

Beef bowl fusion (Variations after taking it out)

There seem to be some people who advance the variation by putting other junk food on beef bowl.

★Put beef inside the Teriyaki burger and top it on the beef bowl
Apply an egg after you place beef patty of Teriyaki burger on the top of beef bowl. I can easily imagine the taste and it is acceptable. It matches the name as junk food.

★Take out soup from Tenkaippin Ramen chain store and beef bowl.

Purchase online or buy ‘Kotteri ramen’ takeout at Tenkaippin and pour the soup on the beef bowl. It has thick taste but not too oily. The complete version of junk food. The ramen soup gives extra flavor on beef bowl and it is extremely delicious, I heard.

★Ramen Jiro and beef bowl
Take away Ramen jiro in tupper ware and apply it on the beef bowl. Garlic flavor of Ramen jiro and the sweet taste of the beef bowl match good and it gives the best taste of each other as a junk food. The good part is, you can eat pork and beef at the same time.

★Pour ice cream (soft-serve ice cream) on beef bowl
You might wonder, is it really good? I can’t believe this! But it is delicious, quite shockingly good. It tastes like Cream Stew and if you add grated cheese, it taste like Gratin and if you pour egg, it taste like Carbonara spaghetti. As for soft-serve ice cream, the soft-serve ice cream at MINISTOP has the thickest taste and it matches the best. It is said that Japanese people are skilled in the ability to arrange, but such characteristics might be seen even on how to eat beef bowl.
Evolution of beef bowl will not end.

Gyudon movie from SUGOITOKYO

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