Introducing James Brown of Japan!

Do you know “Kazuyo Katsuma”?

She is a very famous Japanese lady, a writer and a critic. Her outstanding performance in the government as a lawmaker of Cabinet Office Council for Gender Equality is well known in Japan. Everyone know her name in Japan.

However, there is a rumor that she became like James Brown these days.

So you readers, which do you think is the real James Brown? Which is Kazuyo Katsuma? If you got it right, you must be genius!










A                B


A or B, which is James Brown? To see the answer, scroll down.

B is the correct answer for “James Brown”!

So A is in fact, it’s “Kazuyo Katsuma”!

It was a really difficult quiz but if you take a close look, you will clearly see the difference between the two.

By the way, I myself thought A is James Brown himself.

So this is the person Kazuyo Katsuma!

Ms Katsuma was born in 1968.
The unification of the two, the resemblance beyond the gender is like a miracle of the 21st century!

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