What is “2 Channel” in Japan?

2 channel is a huge textboard in Japan.

It is one of websites which many Japanese people visit. It is now very common but its function is in thread style. So called BBS (normal Bulletin Board System). It is popular before facebook or twitter gained popularity and is a source to hear the real voices of people.

Place to talk about the real intention

In 2 channel, most people posts without a handle name. Japanese people like ‘anonymous’. Those people are called ‘No Name’. More than 95% of the entire posts is written as ‘No Name (anonymous)’. Therefore, it is a place where you can state the true feelings as anonymous.

Chiraura? Or graffiti on the toilet wall?

Because it is written as anonymous, there are tell-tale unbearable to read. The real information comes with tattle. Therefore 2 channel is sometimes expressed as ‘graffiti on the toilet’ or ‘graffiti on the back of the flyer (Chiraura)’.

Summary site introducing popular 2 channel threads

There is a very popular site called ’2 channel matome (summary) site’ which put together all the popular writings in 2 channel. It always comes up at the top of the search results. Operating company of 2 channel issued “all rights reserved” warning to the site, saying do not put their contents without their permission.

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介