The day we can no longer eat Ebi tendon (Shrimp Tempura Rice Bowl) in Tokyo…?

The price of shrimp tendon is hiking

Due to the demand for fish has increased in the world (more and more people eat fish), the demand of shrimp increased so the price of farm shrimp hiked. Therefore, ‘Tenya’ the major chain store have discontinued the handling of the Premium Tendon.

No more food …?

Due to the rising population in the world, the price of food has been raised overall. If it keeps increasing, there may be a day that we may not be able to eat food since food and energy will lack…

If you have money, you can even eat shrimp tendon

No matter how high the price of shrimp tempura become, if you have money, you can eat it as a reality. Having a wealth will not be a problem to get food as a reality…
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Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介