10 Kanji letters related to fish but hard to read such as 鯑(Kazunoko)

There are many Kanji that contain Sakana-hen (魚fish)and very difficult to read.

Kanji related to Sakana (fish) are many and quite manic such as 鯑 (herring roe) and 鰌 (loach) .
I took this opportunity to go through them again. How many did you know?

鯑 (Kazunoko – herring roe)

魚+希 is herring roe. It used to be rare product so maybe it use Kanji which means 希rare? Or Perhaps herring roe has hope! (‘希’望 kibou means hope)

鯰 (Namazu – catfish) 

Catfish can concern for something? Is it like fish with ESPer (extrasensory perception)? Perhaps it has lantern sticking to it?

鰑 (Surume – cuttlefish)

Even Kanji contains 魚(fish) and 易(easy), it is hard to eat.

鮪 (Maguro – tuna)

魚(fish) and 有(yes, there is) There is tuna! There tuna! I am glad when there is tuna !

魛(Tachiuo – cutlass fish)

It looks like the name came from sword (刀-tachi)

魹(Todo – Northern sea lion)

魚 (fish) + 毛 (hair) . I think sea lion has a hair.

鯲 (Dojyou – loach)

魚 (fish) + 於 (in regard to) In regard to fish, it’s loach.

鰐 (Wani – crocodile)

It has an image of jaw (顎)

鮑 (Awabi – abalone)

魚 (fish) +包 (wrapped). Bubble, bubble, (泡)bubble …?

鰯 (Iwashi – sardine)

魚 (fish) + 弱 (weak). Sardine is weak! Sardine is weak! Weak one is Sardine! Bullying the weak one is not good!

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