Images of maniac vending machines in Japan! [Sushi vending machine! LoL]

Vending machine which you can make original stamp automatically!!!!

Amazing that you can buy lucky charm at vending machine. And there are many kinds!

Discount ticket vending machine… maybe no longer there…?

Akai kitsune (instant cup udon noodle) that we know for long time. It pours hot water too.

Bait for fishing. Is it fresh enough?

Flowers. It cost 3000 yen!

Canned ramen vending machine which you see many around Akihabara.

There use to be drinks in glass bottle sold in vending machine too.

Maybe no more now? Umbrella vending machine.

Mobile phone, the phone part only. You can’t choose which type!

Sauce for Grilled meat (yakiniku). Not really sure if it’s…..

Wow, sushi vending machine! I want to buy it! (even it’s not good.)

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介