Truth of Taro Yamamoto, Japanese politician (former comedian)

Throw away TV!

Speaking of Taro Yamamoto, he is known for saying “Merorin-que”.
However, he is only famous for that. Since the recent coverage over the behavior of Taro Yamamoto is overheating, there has been many question asking what do SUGOITOKYO think of him as a media. Therefore, on behalf of the editorial department, I’d like to describe about Taro Yamamoto.

Taro Yamamoto is now known as a congressman, but he became popular in a legendary TV show called “Tensai! Takeshi no Genki ga deru TV!” in its content called “Dance Koshien” about 20 years ago.
He wiggled doing crazy dance, putting lots of oil on his body, shouting “Merorin-que” (no meaning). He was just a stupid high school student. His starting point was there. His ending point is there. In another word, he is just “Merorin-que” (fool) eternally. He has continued to play a prominent role in the TV world all the way up to now, it’s too late to blame his flimsy political thought. Who chose him to be a Congressman? Where is the responsibility of ignorant people who has cast a vote on him like watching a variety show? National election is like a mirror showing the plight of the people. Stupidity must have came from watching TV.
Throw away TV!

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