Big hit “Goose house”! In just 3 weeks of release, 500,000 views!

Goose House is on the momentum.

Goose house is a unit created by the members from PR project of Sony Walkman “PlayYou.House”. It started their activity in 2010. It is a collection of singer-songwriter that has been active as individual. The
characteristics of this unit is by each song, configuration of the members differ. There are many posts on YouTube, and are viewed a few thousands to several million times. Mainly it covers famous songs, but it is working on original music aggressively. It also use Ustream. Recently it held many concerts around the country. There are many appraising comments such as “this is music!”, “it looks really enjoying”, “They really are having fulfilling life”, “I want to join and sing there too” in their video posts on YouTube. From the numerous voices envying their appearance singing with “companion” and “fun”, it indicates that the youth today are hungry for human relations (activities and workplace) like them.

Hikoki Gumo by Yumi Arai (Cover)

Hikoki Gumo. Just only 3 weeks after the post, it got 500,000 views! Big hit!


Among fans, Migiwa chan has enormous popularity. Also Kei chan (Kei Takebuchi) is very popular.


Koisuru Fotune Cookie/AKB48(Cover)

Chiisana Koi no Uta/mongol800(Cover)

Birthday Song/Goosehouse(original)

Donnatokimo/Noriyuki Makihara(Cover)

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介