All you wish to know about Harajuku girls

Eye catchy

I encountered her in front of JR Harajuku station. She has fluffy soft impression, so-called ‘hatching girl’, similar to the impression when pupa eclose to a beetle to be cicada or beetle. Where is she going to fly to?

Heart shocking

Speaking of the big impact is her. So-called ‘Female pro wrestler type girl’, she has the dynamics of those of a professional wrestler. She is a nice person to speak with. What enemy is she going to defeat tomorrow?

Heart healing

It’s like a fantasy, dreaming girl. Really cute. I assume her bedroom is filled up with Hello Kitty and My Melody dolls. What kind of a dream is she seeing tonight?

‘Kawaii’ spread to the world

During national isolation policy in Oedo period, ‘Dejima’ was to absorb foreign culture. Currently, Harajuku is the place where it introduces Japanese culture. In my opinion, Harajuku is the opposite of Dejima.

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介