[Kochi Prefecture in pinch!] Movement of accusing municipality which used the late Takashi Yanase without pay on the Internet

Sensha Yoshida roared!

In regard to the late Takashi Yanase, the cartoonist who died the other day, there is a big fuss on the internet. The fact that the municipality asked some work to Mr.Yanase to do without pay, was being revealed by the cartoonist, Sensha Yoshida. Mr.Yoshida roars, “Is there respect to his artwork?”

More than 200 yuru-chara (regional mascots) in Japan

According to the interview with ‘Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun’, Mr.Yanase had produced more than 200 regional characters in Japan and just for Kochi Prefecture, there are more than 50 accounted. All of those works were done by him without pay, which amazes me.

Various voices over the internet

On the Internet sites including 2ch, there are various opinions over the reveal by Mr.Yoshida. “Unknown cartoonist (Mr.Yoshida) trying to sell his name by using famous cartoonist Mr.Yanase” “Why say so after his death?” “Ridiculous if the money is paid from people’s hard-earned tax pay chara” and so on.

However I think “If Mr.Yanase didn’t like to work without pay then he shouldn’t have accepted to do the work, if he thought no pay was not a problem, then wouldn’t it be okay….?”

Deep sea fish

Deep sea fish の紹介