Rock Festivals in Japan

Rock Festivals getting popular

In Japan, Rock Festivals are getting popular. From small to large Festivals, individuals or companies have held Rock Festivals. In contrast to the situation that sound sources are no longer selling good, concert industry in Japan is getting very active now.

People who go to live concerts maybe increasing world-wide.

Among them, the largest Rock Festival called Fuji Rock Festival ( has artists worldwide so there are overseas travelers who come to see the Festival and sightseeing. For example, BJORK, THE CURE, KARL HYDE, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, SKRILLEX, MY BLOODY VALENTINE and The xx played there in 2013. Also annually, 30 to 40% of the artists are Japanese bands. You may have to chose camping or stay at a hotel near there. Nearby hotels’ reservation become full three months before the Event so do make a reservation ahead of time or purchase or rent camping equipment.

Rock Festival other than Fuji Rock…

Something similar to Fuji Rock is Summersonic. Other Rock Festivals, only Japanese bands or artists are playing. Japan is a remote island so there are many Rock Festivals only Japanese artists are playing.

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